Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Responsible Drinking

We're getting very excited about Oktoberfest this year, it is now our 3rd year running our Okoberfest & Alps Sepcial tours and we are very very excited.
It is now it is only 11 long long days until the 177th festival, we have already been traing at this yea's Annafest in the Forchheim's Kellerwald!
As part of this year's Oktoberfest Training Package (OTP), it is recommended that you learn certain things before the Big O and we believe it very important to drink responsibly.
This is important or certain things happen to your eyes (the lads at least!).......

Before 6 Mass beers (steins to you and me).....


After 6 Mass beers...


You have been warned!

Hacker-Pschorr Festzelt

So where is the Hacker-Pschorr Festzelt then? For the lads, approach from the north, for the ladies turn left at the handbag shop by the large steeple on church, the sun shoud be behind you (if in the morning).
Hacker is the 4th tent on the right. Good luck and see you there!

2008_Wiesn Plan

Monday, 7 September 2009

Oktoberfest 2009 and Alps Special (MB-091002)

For those of you on our Oktoberfest 2009 and Alps Special to the Bavarian/Austrian Alps and Munich's Oktoberfest from Friday 02-Monday 05 September 2009, the Final Itinerary is now out!
Looking forward to seeing you all in Munich!

Oktoberfest 2009 (MB-090923)

For those of you on our Oktoberfest 2009 tour to Munich on Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 September, the Final Itinerary is now out!
Looking forward to seeing you all in the Hacker-Pschorr Fetszelt!

Oktoberfest 2009 and Alps Special (MB-090925)

For those of your on our Oktoberfest 2009 and Alps Special, the Final Itinerary is now out.
Looking forward to the tour.

Great European Beer Tour (PM-090911) Final Itinerary NOW OUT!

Well it's that time! Off on the road for a month of tours starting on Friday with the amazing 11-day Great European Beer Tour starting (Friday 11-Monday 21 September 2009).
For those on the tour, the Final Itinerary is now OUT!

So for those who aren't on the tour, a brief outline to what you are missing out on! Don't worry, we run the tours all year on demand, just shoot us an email andy@bier-mania.com
You will also be able to see tour photos via this blog.

Outline Itinerary
Day 1 Friday 11 September 2009
Frankfurt Airport-Sternbräu (breakfast)-Bamberg-Kulmbach-Zoigl @ Windischechenbach
Day 2 Saturday 12 September
Pilsen (CZ)-Prague (CZ)
Day 3 Sunday 13 September
Prague Walkabout!
Day 4 Monday 14 September
Day 5 Tuesday 15 September
Cesky Krumlov-Sumava Scenic Drive-Eck
Overnight-Eck Brauereigasthof
Day 6 Wednesday 16 September
Zwiesel Dampfbierbraueri-Braunau-Salzburg
Day 7 Thursday 17 September
Ber´chtesgarten and Eagles Nest-Tegernsee-Oberammergau
Day 8 Friday 18 September
Etal Kloster-Neuschwanstein-Andechs-Munich
Day 9 Saturday 19 September
Munich Walkabout!
Over night-Munich
Day 10 Sunday 20 September
Oktoberfest @ Hacker-Pschorr beer tent
Day 11 Monday 21 September
Tour ends!

Tour Map
See our tour map

View PM-090911 Great European Beer Tour in a larger map


Bier-Mania! Cultural Beer Tours-Latest News

Hello Everyone,
Just to let you know what we are currently up to, gonna be a busy 4-6 weeks on the road!
Tours kick in Frankfurt airport this coming Friday morning with an 11-day Great European Beer Tour & Oktoberfest 2009 covering Germany, Czech Republic and Austria. We then have 3 further Oktoberfest tours in Munich after which it is Bamberg from 06-09 October, we finally come back on Friday 9th October to Düsseldorf!

Just for good measure we then have our 10-day Great Belgium Beer Tour the following week from Friday 16-Sunday 25 October, this tour starts and ends in Düsseldorf and takes in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France! Awesome!

Take it easy and be good to see you on a tour!

Friday, 4 September 2009

Postman Pat

For those of you not from Blighty, you may be thinking what/who/why is Postman Pat?
Well, as his name suggests, he is a postman and his name is Pat. And he has a cat.
On our Franconia & Annafest tour in July we had a lovely lady from the States who was a postman/woman. I just couldn't stop singing the song as we drove merrily along Franconia's country roads....
So here goes, when you have your next German 'Stein', you'll find yourself humming the tune. Maybe!

Love this Job!

Is this THE photo!
'Big' Mike and 'Big' Andy.
It was taken on our August tour to Franconia & Annafest and just about sums up our tours, great people, a good laugh and some awesome travel. Oh and of course beer!
Awesome job, love it!


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

International Streekbierenfestival 2009

Hello Guys,
Well, we went to the International Streekbierenfestival. Was it good? Yes it was, very good in fact and we had a great time along with some 30 other brewers from both Belgium and the Netherlands.
Thanks go to Yvan and his team for organising one hell of a slick festival, again the weather was perfect, the music was good and the beer was flowing.
What was the my favourite beer we had on? Must be the Weissenhohe Altfränkische beer, absolutely delicious! Funnily enough the 15 litres sold out pretty fast.
Cheers and enjoy the photos!

Franconia & Annafest 2009 (SB-090801)

Our second Annafest tour this year was from Friday 31 July (Friday was a 'training day' in Bad Windsheim!) and ended on Thursday 06 August. We have now finally got the photos online from the tour.
Another great tour, great weather, great people and hope to see you next year in Belgium!
Cheers guys.


Franconia & Annafest 2009 (SB-090723) Tour Photos

We have now finally got the photos online from our 9-day Franconia & Annafest 2009 tour from Thursday 34 July-Friday 01 August.
We went just about everywhere! Where then Andy? Email us!
So what was the most memorable part of the tour for me? I think, a lady who is over '70' years old, doesn't like beer....and ending up driking beer every day and enjoying it, just see the photos for yourselves!
What a great tour, great weather, great crew!
Cheers guys.