Thursday, 17 December 2009

Zoigl Windischechenbach (Germany)

Another of our favourite locations, it is what our tours are all about!

Zoigl Neuhaus (Germany)

The fabled Zoigl Land. What is Zoigl like? Just come on a tour....
We have now put Zoigl beer on in london twice, Bruxelles as well as in Zwevegem this year!

Zvikov Pivovar (Czech Republic)

This is a gem of a place, they even have a rooms where we sometimes stay on tours. the beer is awesome as is the food. What's it like? Come on a tour!

Zvikov Hrad/Castle (Czech Republic)

This is a gem of a place in the middle of Behemia!
Nice and relxing to walk around before a beer in the brewery!

Prague Town (Czech Republic)

Prague is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Be careful Prague. Don't take for granted what you have, rip-off merchants beware we know our prices!
Apologies for the whinge but be warned.

Pilsen Urquell Pivovar (Czech Republic)

The original Pilsener!

Regent Pivovar (Czech Republic)

This is another traditional brewery located in Trebon, a gorgeous town in Bohemia.
Really good beer and a great cafe for some food and beer!

Strahov Pivovar (Czech Republic)

Situated at the top/back of Prague's castle area.

Sumava Region (Czech Republic)

The Sumava region is one of the most remote regions in central Europe. We have around a 2.5 hour scenic drive through this really gorgeous area, as you can see for yourselves form the photos and videos.

Platan Pivovar (Czech Republic)

Typical brewery from a communist era! Great place and great beer!

The video! Excuse voice over!

Maly Pivovar Hotel (Czech Republic)

The 'littel' brewery now houses one of the nicest hotels we use on our tours!

Lipan Pivovar (Czech Republic)

Awesome place in the middle of nowhere! Also has a distillery and rooms, yes you can even stay overnight after a few beers and schnapps! Em!?
The young brew master Jan, really knows how to brew, some of the finest beers in Czech Republic! Yes, really.
Closes Mondays....
First the video, please bear in mind the video was taken after a night 'researching' this place! And yes, I stayed in onbe of the rooms they have!

Eggenberg Pivovar (Czech Republic)

Great place with restaurant and cafe in Cesky Krumlov.

Dudak & Nektar Pivovar (Czech Republic)

Typical industrial Czech brewery!

Cesky Krumlov Town (Czech Republic)

This is a gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage Site. Very nice if there aren't too many tourists!

Cesky Budejovice Town (Czech Republic)

Budvarka Beer House (Czech Republic)

Located next door to the Maly Pivovar Hotel, this place is awesome!
Have a good night if you ever find yourself there!

Budvar Pivovar (Czech Republic)

And the video...

Van Eecke Brouwerij (Belgium)

Huyghe Brouwerij (Belgium)

Het SAS/Leroy Brouwerij (Belgium)

Struisse @ Deca Brouwerij (Belgium)

Hertog Jan Brouwerij (Netherlands)

This is the brewery, not to be confused with the Prouverij/cafe.

And of course the video, thanks Henk!

Hertoj jan Prouverij (Netherlands)

This awesome cafe was where we had the original idea to start up doing Cultural Beer Tours!
Thanks Henke, Bram and the team, inspiration!


And the video!

Limburgs Biercafé de Roeëje Lieuw (Netherlands)

Can you pronounce that!? That's why we just call it Limburgs Biercafe.
It's in Venlo, it's damn good and the only beers Louis and Eve sell are those from Belgian and Netherlands Limburg region, which is quite obvious I suppose as it is called Limburg's Biercafe!
Closed Monday and Tuesday, open the rest of the week until late! See webite for opening times!

And of course there is the video....

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

L'Estaminet Bouillon (Belgium)

La Villette Restaurant (Belgium)

La Roche en Ardennes (Belgium)

Kulminator Cafe (Belgium)

In der Vrede (Belgium)

Den Dyver Restaurant (Belgium)

Delirium Cafe (Belgium)

Bruxelles (Belgium)

Bouillon Castle (Belgium)

Bastogne (Belgium)

Bellevaux Brasserie (Belgium)

Les Trois Fourquets Restaurant & Brasserie (Belgium)

De Dolle Brouwers Brouwerij (Belgium)

La Rulles Brasserie (Belgium)

Millevertus Brasserie (Belgium)

Grain d'Orge Brasserie (Belgium)

Timmermans Brouwerij (Belgium)

Du Pont Brasserie (Belgium)

Frites Vans! (Belgium)

La Vieille Forge Hotel & Brasserie (Belgium)

Cantillon Brasserie (Belgium)

Rodenbach Brouwerij (Belgium)

Rohardushof Estaminet (Belgium)

Ypres Area (Belgium)

Brunehaut Brasserie (Belgium)

Rochefort Brouwerij (Belgium)

Achouffe Brasserie (Belgium)

Drei Fonteinen Brasserie (Belgium)

Silenrieux Brasserie (Belgium)

Marckloff/La Ferme au Chene (Belgium)

Fantome Brasserie (Belgium)

Chimay Trappiste Abbey (Belgium)

Orval Trappiste Abbey (Belgium)

Rochefort Trappiste Abbey (Belgium)

Westmalle Trappiste Abbey (Belgium)

Westvleteren Trappiste Abbey (Belgium)

Achel Trappiste Abbey (Belgium)

Achel Trappiste Abbey

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Latest News - 2010 Tours

Hello to all of you who take the time to read our blog.
So what are we up to then? What's on in 2010?

We have just restructured our tours and in 2010 we are now offering 7 x 10-day tours as well as 4 x 3-day tours.
We have also teamed up with The German American Connection and now offer tours to the former East Germany, pretty exciting tours and very different.
For those who are interested, we are also offering tours on demand to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, think whisky, beer, got it!

In summary, we generally offer a selection of 10-day tours every month, just pick where you'd like to go and let us know. 
Dates on our Tour Schedule.
Photo right - cleaning the barrels, Pilsner Urquell (Czech Republic)
Lower left - Bahler Zoigl house, Neahaus, 'Zoigl Land' (Germany)

January 2010
Great European Beer Tour (GEBT)
Great Belgium Beer Tour (GBBT)
Franconia & Bamberg Special (SB)
Bohemia Czech Special (BC)
Bavaria & Tyrol Alps Special (MB)
Go East Special (GE)

February 2010

Great European Beer Tour (GEBT)
Great Belgium Beer Tour (GBBT)
Franconia & Bamberg Special (SB)
Bohemia Czech Special (BC)
Bavaria & Tyrol Alps Special (MB)
Go East Special (GE)

Right - Charles Bridge, Pargeu (Czech Republic)
Below - Den Dyver restaurant, Bruges (Belgium)

March 2010
Great European Beer Tour (GEBT)

Great Belgium Beer Tour (GBBT)
Franconia & Bamberg Special (SB)
Bohemia Czech Special (BC)
Bavaria & Tyrol Alps Special (MB)
Go East Special (GE)

April 2010
Great European Beer Tour (GEBT)
Great Belgium Beer Tour (GBBT)
Franconia & Bamberg Special (SB)
Bohemia Czech Special (BC)
Bavaria & Tyrol Alps Special (MB)
Go East Special (GE)
 Right - Sumava region (Czech Republic)

May 2010
Great European Beer Tour (GEBT)

Great Belgium Beer Tour (GBBT)
Franconia & Bamberg Special (SB)
Bohemia Czech Special (BC)
Bavaria & Tyrol Alps Special (MB)
Go East Special (GE)

June 2010
Colorado Byways & Beer Tour (WWBT)
 Right - Continental Divide, Colorado (USA)

July 2010
Colorado Byways & Beer Tour (WWBT) 
Franconia & Bamberg Special (SB) Annafest 2010

August 2010
Franconia & Bamberg Special (SB) Annafest 2010
Bohemia Czech Special (BC)
Right - Annafest, Forchheim (Germany)
September 2010
Great European Beer Tour (GEBT)
Oktoberfest 2010 & Alps Special (MBA)

October 2010
Oktoberfest 2010 & Alps Special (MBA)
Bavaria & Tyrol Alps Special (MB)

November 2010

Great European Beer Tour (GEBT)

Great Belgium Beer Tour (GBBT)
Franconia & Bamberg Special (SB)
Bohemia Czech Special (BC)
Bavaria & Tyrol Alps Special (MB)
Go East Special (GE)

December 2010
Great European Beer Tour (GEBT) Xmas Special

Great Belgium Beer Tour (GBBT)
Franconia & Bamberg Special (SB) Xmas Special
Bohemia Czech Special (BC) Xmas Special
Bavaria & Tyrol Alps Special (MB) Xmas Special
Go East Special (GE) Xmas Special
Ardennes (Belgium)

If a weekend away interests you then we have tours in the Lower Rhine/Düsseldorf area, the Ardennes as well as West Flanders/French Flandres and the Lorraine and Verdun region of north France.

Photos copyright Bier-Mania! Cultural Beer Tours

Monday, 7 December 2009

Oktoberfest 2010 & Alps Tours (MBA)

Our other tour to Bavaria and the Alps is the upbeat 4-day Oktoberfest 2010 & Alps Special tours which starts and ends in Munich.

All tours cost €780.00 per person and we think are extremely good value, remember we only have 8 people per tour. We include the main meal every day, hotel and breakfasts, leader/guide who is also the driver (Andy) as well as beer tent reservation (confirmed around May 2010) including 2 litres of beer and a half chicken! Oh, and we are also in a 4-star centrally located hotel when we are in Munich.

By the way, we have now completed a total of 13 Oktoberfest tours since our first tours to Munich in 2007, so that is an average of 4.3 tours per year! Was anyone on the .3 tour?

So, next year we have a total of 5 Oktoberfest tours which not only introduce you to the world renowned annual Oktoberfest in Munich but also shows you something of the rest of Bavaria and Munich, we think that's a good idea!
And we know you'll have a good time!


More information on our website.
Top right - Hacker Festzelt, September 2009. The lady in the photo is Anna. She could carry 6 litres of beer. Good girl!
Bottom right - our final 2009 Oktoberfest tour in Hacker Festzelt. Another year to wait!

More photos.

Bavaria & Tyrol Alps Special Tours (MB) 2010

Our incredible NEW Bavaria & Tyrol Alps Special 10-day tour shows you not only Munich but also the rest of Bavaria and the Austrian Tyrolean Alps.

The tour starts in Munich or Frankfurt airport and then takes in König Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein, a trip up Zugspitz mountain, the Austrian Tyrol, Salzburg & the Eagles Nest, the Bavarian Forest and then onto Regensburg and the Danube where we spend the night at a brewery guesthouse in the Altmühltal region.

Finally we end up in Munich for the weekend and during the September 2010 tour we also visit Munich’s Oktoberfest.

The tour is usually 10-days long with the September 2010 tour being 1 day longer. We only have only 6 people maximum so book early!

Experience the Alps, the beer gardens, beer halls as well as some great architecture, oh and of course some great beer!

More information is on our website, Bavaria and Tyrol Alps Special
Top right - Mittenwald night 3.
Bottom left - Augustiner Beer Garden, Salzburg (Austria)

More photos

Zugpitzbahn Video

Bohemia Czech Special (BC) Beer Tours 2010

This amazing 10-day Bohemia Czech Beer Tour takes us from Germany’s Zoigl Land and on into the Czech region of Čechy (Bohemia), where we visit and stay overnight in Plzeň (Pilsen), Prague and Český Budĕjovice (Budweis). Along the way we see some of the Czech Republic’s amazing micro-breweries, this tour really is a contrast between large and small breweries!

We also travel through some stunning areas including the remote Sumava region of Czech Republic as well as visiting 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites-Prague, Český Krumlov as well as Bamberg.

The tour then goes into the Bayerischer Wald (Bavarian forest) and Oberpfälzer Wald (Palatinate Forest) and then on to Franconia and Franconian Switzerland. We have 2 nights in Bamberg with our final night in Bad Windsheim before the tour ends in Frankfurt.

More information on our website, Bohemia & Czech Czech Special.

Photos-top right Pilsner Urquell cellars (original)
bottom left Budvarka Beer House, Cesky Budejovice
More photos

Franconia & Bamberg Special (SB) Tours 2010

This tour, the Franconia and Bamberg Special is now a complete 10-day tour. These tours run all year and every month and in July/August 2010 we will also be visiting Annafest 2010!
Included is also a visit to the Pilsner Urquell brewery in the Czech Republic, a good tour and one we have visited twice this year, well worth the trip. We also go to the Bavarian Forest staying in Eck Brewery Guesthouse the night-a unique brewery and guesthouse, Mike normally shows us a around the brewery as well! 
Oh, and not to forget an overnight in Zoigl Land!

What do we do?
  • Regensburg UNESCO Walkabout & Regensburg‘s Steinbrücke and Old Town
  • Visit a Schnapps Museum!
  • Schneider Weisse Brewery & Weltenburg Monastery
  • Burg Randeck/Zoigl Land
  • Pilsen, Czech Republic
  • Bavarian Forest/Sleep in Brewery guest houses
  • Forchheim's 4 breweries Annafest 2010 & 23 Cellar 'bars'!
  • Franconia Country Breweries/Fränkische Schweiz
  • Medieval Pottenstein/Meet Franconia‘s female brewer!
  • Maisels Steam Brewery Museum Bayreuth
  • Weissenhohe and Vierzehnheiligen Monasteries
  • Bamberg's Smoked Beers and 10 breweries/Bamberg UNESCO Walkabout
  • And much much more.......

Pretty awesome tours!
More information is on our webiste, Franconia and Bamberg Special.
Pottenstein, July 2009
More photos

Great Belgium Beer Tours (GBBT) 2010

Our Great Belgium Beer Tour (GBBT) is the classic gourmet and beer tour through the whole of Belgium and north France! This really is THE way to see Belgium, even if you aren't that interested in beer (!) then it is still a great way to see the country.
Tours run all year and every month on demand (except September=Oktoberfest!) and generally start in Düsseldorf in Germany where we recommend you have a Day Zero 'training day' to get over jet lag and relax before the tour. We normally meet you for an Altbier or 2 in Düsseldorf that evening...

The tour is an anti-clockwise loop starting in Limbourg and Antwerpen Province the first day and visiting Luxemborg Province at the end of the tour before we drop you off back in Düsseldorf.
  • Visit all 6 Belgium Trappiste Abbeys
  • Visit all 9 of Belgium‘s Provinces
  • 4 Countries - Belgium, France, Netherlands and Germany
  • Drink every style of Belgium beer
  • Cafe Culture of Antwerpen and Bruges
  • Bruxelles for 2 nights
  • Beer Dinners
  • Visit French Flandres
  • Biere de Garde region of Northern France
  • Saison Country
  • Lambic Country
  • Brewery visits
  • The Ardennes
As with all our 10-day tours, we restrict the maximum number of people to 6, although if you do have a large group then feel free to contact us for a quote.


More information can be found, Great Belgium Beer Tour.
Top right - La Villette, restaurant (Bruxelles) October 2009
Bottom left - Rodenbach brewery tour, October 2009
More photos

Great European Beer Tours (GEBT) 2010

New for 2010, we are  now offering the 10-day Great European Beer Tour (GEBT) as part of our regular packages.
Tours run all year and every month, we just need a minimum of 4 people, we only have a maximum of 6 people per tour so book early.
As we have done 3 of these awesome tours already we have now decided to have them as a regular tour! 
Our standard Great European Beer Tour is advertised on our website and is also downloadable as a complete document for you to print off and peruse over a beer or 2.
  • Frankfurt-Bamberg-Kulmach-Zoigl Land
  • Pilsen-Prague
  • Prague 2 nights
  • Zvikov-Budweis (the real one!)
  • Cesky Krumlov-Sumava-Eck
  • Zwiesel-Salzburg
  • Mittenwald & the Alps
  • Neuschwanstein-Andechs-Munich
  • Munich 2 nights
Other options for this tour are available.

    Cheers for now,

    Tours run all year every month, more information Great Eureopan Beer Tour.

    Thursday, 3 December 2009

    Belgian Roads!

    For those of you considering a Belgain tour with us in the future this was just published on Expatica-

    Belgian Roads are Relativley Safe

    According to a study published by the motoring organisation Touring, Belgium's roads are amonst the safest in Europe.

    Belgium comes third only to the Netherlands and Switzerland when it comes to road safety.
    The study looked at the number of accidents on a total of 140,000 kilometres of Belgian roads.
    There was striking evidence that the number of road traffic accidents in Belgium has fallen dramatically in recent years.
    A Touring spokesman told journalists:“Recent policies to promote road safety are showing dividends.”
    The regional governments have invested heavily in making accident black spots safer.
    On average, the chances of being involved in a serious accident are forty times greater on a so-called “dangerous road” than on the country’s safest roads.

    A total of two million people have died on Europe’s roads during the past ten years."

    So, there we go! 

    Photos by Bier-Mania!
    Bier-Mania!'s Great Belgium Beer Tour, a 10-day adventure around Belgium and Northern France runs all year.