Saturday, 15 September 2007

Bruxellensis 2007 Photos

Photos taken at taken at Bruxellensis this year are now online, see Bruxellensis Photos

The festival was a complete success again, many thanks to Yvan and Bernard for giving Bruxelles/Brussel (and in fact Belgium) this great event!

Till next year!

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Bruxellensis 2007

The unique Belgian beer festival, Bruxellensis this year will start at 1200 (12am) on Saturday 08 September and end at 2100 (9pm) on Sunday 09 September 2007.

Opening times:
Saturday 1200-2300 (12am-11pm)
Sunday 1100-2100 (11am-9pm)

Festival tasting glass 15cl €3.00
Beer token €1.20
Food Various

Where Approximately:
Around 3km directly south from the cenntre (Grand Place) of Bruxelles at-

Address of Festival:

Les Glacières de Saint-Gilles,
rue de la Glacière 18, 1060 Bruxelles.

See you there. We have the stall Beers of Düsseldorf & the Lower Rhine.

Beers we will have (all 10 litre barrels)
  1. Füchshen Alt
  2. Schlüssel Alt
  3. Schumacher Alt
  4. Uerige Alt
  5. Bolten Ur-Alt (unfiltered)
  6. Bolten Landbier (unfiltered Hell, top-fermented)
  7. Gleumes Hell
  8. Schmitz-Mönk Alt
  9. Schmitz-Mönk Weizen
  10. Zunft-Bräu Hell Lagerbier
  11. Zunft-Brau Dunkles Lagerbier

Cheers for now!

(Festival glass must be purchased on entry to the festival).