Monday, 7 December 2009

Bohemia Czech Special (BC) Beer Tours 2010

This amazing 10-day Bohemia Czech Beer Tour takes us from Germany’s Zoigl Land and on into the Czech region of Čechy (Bohemia), where we visit and stay overnight in Plzeň (Pilsen), Prague and Český Budĕjovice (Budweis). Along the way we see some of the Czech Republic’s amazing micro-breweries, this tour really is a contrast between large and small breweries!

We also travel through some stunning areas including the remote Sumava region of Czech Republic as well as visiting 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites-Prague, Český Krumlov as well as Bamberg.

The tour then goes into the Bayerischer Wald (Bavarian forest) and Oberpfälzer Wald (Palatinate Forest) and then on to Franconia and Franconian Switzerland. We have 2 nights in Bamberg with our final night in Bad Windsheim before the tour ends in Frankfurt.

More information on our website, Bohemia & Czech Czech Special.

Photos-top right Pilsner Urquell cellars (original)
bottom left Budvarka Beer House, Cesky Budejovice
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