Thursday, 3 December 2009

Belgian Roads!

For those of you considering a Belgain tour with us in the future this was just published on Expatica-

Belgian Roads are Relativley Safe

According to a study published by the motoring organisation Touring, Belgium's roads are amonst the safest in Europe.

Belgium comes third only to the Netherlands and Switzerland when it comes to road safety.
The study looked at the number of accidents on a total of 140,000 kilometres of Belgian roads.
There was striking evidence that the number of road traffic accidents in Belgium has fallen dramatically in recent years.
A Touring spokesman told journalists:“Recent policies to promote road safety are showing dividends.”
The regional governments have invested heavily in making accident black spots safer.
On average, the chances of being involved in a serious accident are forty times greater on a so-called “dangerous road” than on the country’s safest roads.

A total of two million people have died on Europe’s roads during the past ten years."

So, there we go! 

Photos by Bier-Mania!
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