Monday, 7 December 2009

Great Belgium Beer Tours (GBBT) 2010

Our Great Belgium Beer Tour (GBBT) is the classic gourmet and beer tour through the whole of Belgium and north France! This really is THE way to see Belgium, even if you aren't that interested in beer (!) then it is still a great way to see the country.
Tours run all year and every month on demand (except September=Oktoberfest!) and generally start in Düsseldorf in Germany where we recommend you have a Day Zero 'training day' to get over jet lag and relax before the tour. We normally meet you for an Altbier or 2 in Düsseldorf that evening...

The tour is an anti-clockwise loop starting in Limbourg and Antwerpen Province the first day and visiting Luxemborg Province at the end of the tour before we drop you off back in Düsseldorf.
  • Visit all 6 Belgium Trappiste Abbeys
  • Visit all 9 of Belgium‘s Provinces
  • 4 Countries - Belgium, France, Netherlands and Germany
  • Drink every style of Belgium beer
  • Cafe Culture of Antwerpen and Bruges
  • Bruxelles for 2 nights
  • Beer Dinners
  • Visit French Flandres
  • Biere de Garde region of Northern France
  • Saison Country
  • Lambic Country
  • Brewery visits
  • The Ardennes
As with all our 10-day tours, we restrict the maximum number of people to 6, although if you do have a large group then feel free to contact us for a quote.


More information can be found, Great Belgium Beer Tour.
Top right - La Villette, restaurant (Bruxelles) October 2009
Bottom left - Rodenbach brewery tour, October 2009
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