Monday, 7 December 2009

Oktoberfest 2010 & Alps Tours (MBA)

Our other tour to Bavaria and the Alps is the upbeat 4-day Oktoberfest 2010 & Alps Special tours which starts and ends in Munich.

All tours cost €780.00 per person and we think are extremely good value, remember we only have 8 people per tour. We include the main meal every day, hotel and breakfasts, leader/guide who is also the driver (Andy) as well as beer tent reservation (confirmed around May 2010) including 2 litres of beer and a half chicken! Oh, and we are also in a 4-star centrally located hotel when we are in Munich.

By the way, we have now completed a total of 13 Oktoberfest tours since our first tours to Munich in 2007, so that is an average of 4.3 tours per year! Was anyone on the .3 tour?

So, next year we have a total of 5 Oktoberfest tours which not only introduce you to the world renowned annual Oktoberfest in Munich but also shows you something of the rest of Bavaria and Munich, we think that's a good idea!
And we know you'll have a good time!


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Top right - Hacker Festzelt, September 2009. The lady in the photo is Anna. She could carry 6 litres of beer. Good girl!
Bottom right - our final 2009 Oktoberfest tour in Hacker Festzelt. Another year to wait!

More photos.