Monday, 12 November 2007

NEW Denver and Colorado Beer Tours

Coming in 2008 (when the snow clears!) is a brand new Bier-Mania! tour outside Europe. Yep. we're off Stateside to the Wild Wild West!

After we participated at this year's annual American Homebrewers' Conference (AHA) in Denver, Colorado, and saw what a great beer place Colorado was a new tour was born, the »Colorado Mountains Wild West Special«. Strange but true!

We will be combining beer, breweries, micro-breweries, the scenery of the Rockies as well as the history of the Wild West to bring you an epic adventure. Same format as our European tours, small group size (8 maximum), travel by minibus and use those rustic hotels such as Hotel Fairplay in Fairplay.

Watch this space for details in the new year.