Monday, 14 January 2008

Annafest 2008/Franconia Special Tour 2 (SB-080802)

This July the 2nd of our 2 Franconia tours combines Forchheim's Annafest with the German regions of the Oberpfalz (Palatinate) and Franken (Franconia). We start on Saturday and visit the Annafest on the Sunday afternoon and evening!



The 6-day Annafest/Franconia Special Beer Tour TM is from Saturday 02-Thursday 07 August 2008.
Pick-up/drop-off is Nuremberg Airport.


The itinerary for the tour can be found be clicking on Proposed Itinerary.
(Please email for password). Enjoy!

  • Regensburg Altstadt on the Danube.
  • Zoigl beers, 15 pubs with over-night in the Oberpfalz, Bavaria TBC NEW.
  • Annafest 2008 & 23 Cellar 'bars'!
  • Forchheim's 4 breweries, and the beer-cellars of the Kellerwald !
  • Fränkische Schweiz and Pottenstein.
  • Maisels Steam Brewery Museum, Bayreuth.
  • Historic Bamberg (UNESCO World Heritage Centre).
  • Bamberg's Smoked Beers and10 breweries.
  • And much much more.......
All enquiries and further details contact Andy by email or phone us here in Germany.