Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Annafest/Franconia and Bamberg Special™ (Summer 2008)

Annafest/Franconia and Bamberg Special™
Tour 1 SB-080726
Tour 2 SB-080802
This July and August we have 2 Franconia tours combining Forchheim's Annafest with the German regions of the Oberpfalz (Palatinate) and Franken (Franconia).
Both tours Saturday till Thursday.

8 PLACES (each tour)


Tour 1
Saturday 26-Thursday 31 July 2008
Tour 2
Saturday 02-Thursday 07 August 2008

Pick-up/drop-off is Nuremberg Airport.


The itinerary for the tour can be found be clicking on Proposed Itinerary
(Please email for password). Enjoy!

  • Regensburg Altstadt on the Danube
  • OR
  • Zoigl beers, 15 pubs with over-night in the Oberpfalz, Bavaria TBC NEW.
  • Annafest 2008 & 23 Cellar 'bars'!
  • Forchheim's 4 breweries, and the beer-cellars of the Kellerwald !
  • Fränkische Schweiz and Pottenstein.
  • Maisels Steam Brewery Museum, Bayreuth.
  • Historic Bamberg (UNESCO World Heritage Centre).
  • Bamberg's Smoked Beers and 10 breweries.
  • And much much more.......
All enquiries and further details contact Andy by email or phone us here in Germany.