Sunday, 20 July 2008

Oktoberfest Tours €350.00 (tours 4 and 5)!

The following Bier-Mania! Oktoberfest 2008 tours have now been reduced to only €350.00 per person for 3-day/2-night as these tours are now unsupported tours and are in Munich only.

Tour 4 MB-081001 Wednesday 01 - Friday 03 October
Tour 5 MB-081005 Saturday 04 - Monday 06 October

Tour Itinerary

These can be downloaded at Tour Itinerary

Outline Tour Itinerary

Day 1 (Saturdays & Wednesdays)
Munich Walkabout
Check into your hotel in Munich.
We can suggest Mikes Bike Tours or a whole host of other guide companies to see Munich, maybe you just want to look around on your own.
You could have an early lunch at Hofbräuhaus in the centre of Munich, a must-do place when in Munich, the atmosphere is electric, maybe after lunch you want to have a look around Munich on your own or even have a look around the Oktoberfest grounds, choice is yours.

Day 2 (Sundays & Thursdays)
Oktoberfest, The Big Day!
Hopefully you haven't been out too late the night before as today is the big one! You can all go down to the Wies'n together or on your own to your reserved beer tent at Hacker Festzelt (confirmed) for 12 o'clock or 1 o'clock. We have reservations at your tables for around 4 hours, after that you're free to wander around the tents, have a power nap outside on the grass bank or have a look around Munich again. Maybe you just want to call it a day!
You should go to bed with those songs reverberating aroudn your head...'Country Roads.....'

Day 3 (Mondays & Fridays)
Oktoberfest Bye bye!
Unfortunately for you, this is your last day in Munich unless you have decided to stay longer! The tour ends when you check out and tales of yesterdays exploits!
Hopefully see you on one of our guided tours next year!
Have a good journey home. Prost!


  • 2 nights accommodation
  • 2 breakfasts
  • Two days in Munich
  • Oktoberfest beer-tent reservation (includes two litres beer and chicken)An truly awesome time!
  • Advice on Munich and Bavaria
  • Final Detailed Tour Itinerary