Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Beers of Germany

Coming soon...The Beers of Germany!
We thought you may all like the article that was published in the Oct/Nov/Dec edition of Beers of the World magazine, 'probably' the UK's premier beer magazine. Sally the editor has given us the green light to put it on our blog.
Thanks Sally.

We will be publishing the expanded version of the article which waffles on a bit more than you can put in a 5-page magazine spread!

We believe that Beers of the World magazine is the the UK's only beer magazine. The magazine comes out 4 times a year and deals with all types of beer (regardless of the amount of hectolitres they produce-we like that!) We just wish you had the magazine out every month....
Articles are written by established beer writers as well as well of course the not so established 'beer tour guides'!
You can subscibe to the magazine on the magazine's website.

Oh, and please don't take the article too seriously though, it is after all only our opinion (and we all know what opinions are like.....)
After all it's just beer.....

Hope you enjoy it.

PS, the photo on the top right was in the Katacomben underneath the Bayreuther Bierbrauerei and Maisel's Brewery Museum in Bayreuth-we visit the brewery museum (and cooperage) during our Franconia nd Bamberg Special tours.