Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Oktoberfest 2009 The Hofbräuhaus Song!

We're getting very excited about Oktoberfest this year and thought we'd get you in the mood, we know it is only 87 long long days until the 176th festival but hey, why not!

As part of this year's Oktoberfest Training Package (OTP), it is recommended that you learn certain things before the Big O.
One of Munich's finest songs In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus we find to be very emotional and makes us think of singing, large large beers and chicken. Not to mention Dirn'dls...

This year we have included 2 very useful videos to guide you along your way and ensure that when in Munich you sing like a local. We do however recommend that you listen very carefully to the words, sing this very quietly at first and gradually build up to a higher volume, then when you are confident you can introduce the song to your mates down the pub or at work, sit on a bench and roll side to side.

Good luck, one two, three.....

In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus: Eins, zwei, ... g'suffa!
Da läuft so manches Fäßchen aus: Eins, zwei, ... g'suffa!
Da hat so manche braver Mann: Eins, zwei, ... g'suffa!
Gezeigt was er so vertragen kann
Schon früh am Morgen fing er an
Und spät am Abend kam er heraus
So schön ist's im Hofbräuhaus.

In English this would sound something like this...

In Munich stands a Hofbräuhaus: one, two ... cheers!
There run out so many steins: one, two ... cheers!
There are so many brave men: one, two ... cheers!
Show what he can endure
Already early in the morning he begins
And late at night he comes out
So beautiful it is in the Hofbräuhaus!

The Extended Version!