Thursday, 30 August 2007

Franconia and Bamberg Special (SB-070728)

Back in July on the 1st night of our Franconia & Bamberg Special beer tour, we stayed at Privatbrauerei Schneider (Josef). Quite a mouthful, brewery guest house I think is easier to pronounce!

The brewer, Joesef (or Herr Schneider to his mates) had a party for his son (who was off to China soon) as a he had recently graduated as a Master Brewer and had a great new job lined up there.

The band was kicking as we left the Stuberl (German=cosy wood lined room designed for merriment), Ron and myself couldn't resist a final nightcap or 2 as we had to pass the beer tent on our way to our rooms!

The band were awesome, I just couldn't stop thinking of the impending Oktoberfest in September in Munich when there would be 5000 more people singing and dancing!

So, have a look, have a smile and think of a good time!