Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Bohemia & Franconia Special (PM-080411)

Only 24 hours till we hit the road. For those that haven't seen it before, but the 'Stars of David' are the old brewers signs from some parts of Bavaria to show that their beer was ready, it literally means a 'sign', simple really. They are still in use today mainly in parts of the Oberpfälz (Palatinate).
Long story, more on Zoigl beer when we get back!
In the meantime have a look at and for some more.
For our Route Map click on the link.
  • Josef Schneider/Essing
  • Spittal/Regensburg, Zwiesel, Eck Brauereigasthof
  • Eggenberg/Ceske Krumlov, Budvar Hotel
  • Budvar/Ceske Budejovice, Regent/Trebon, Lipan/Drazic, Zvikov Brewery Guesthouse/Zvikov
  • Prague!
  • Pilsen, Zoigl Land/Neuhaus, Walnaabtal guesthouse/Neuhaus
  • Weisenhohe monastery, Hofmann, Eichhorn-Greif-Hebendanz-Neder/Forchheim
  • Country breweries, Kathi-Bräu/Aufsess, Mager-Huffeisen, Guesthouse/Pottenstein
  • Maisel/Bayreuth, Will/Schederndorf, Vierzehnheiligen Monastery, Spezial-Fässla/Bamberg
  • Maisel-Mahrs-Keesman/Bamberg
  • Klosterbräu-Schlenkerla-Ambräusianum-Greifenklau/Bamberg
  • Kaiserdom beer in Altstadt!

Cheers for now,