Friday, 8 August 2008

Oktoberfest Training-Part 2 (Arm Stengthening)

Just 6 weeks to go till the BIG O.
At Bier-Mania! we believe that the old motto 'train hard-drink easy' is very appropriate for the Oktoberfest so we have a few things which we think will ensure your time in Bavaria is as enjoyable as it should be!
This exercise helps to ensure that you can lift your 1 litre Masskrug (=Stein) with ease and waitresses and waiters are seriously impressed...
  1. Without further ado (read this first!), start walking around your home with a 2 litre jug in your left hand (or the opposite hand you normally use).
  2. Bump into everything (mind the kids and pets).
  3. After a week or so you should start to become quite adept at not spilling any liquid, or you have been kicked out of the house.
  4. If you have been kicked out of the house then go back to point 1 but replace water with beer and start again.
  5. Good luck!
When you get to the Oktoberfest, drinking only 1 litre with your good arm will be easy.