Monday, 8 September 2008

NEW Go East German Beer Tour

This brand new 10-day epic Go East German Beer Tour starts and ends in one of the most spirited cities in the world, Berlin!

We have got together with Ute Boese from The German American Connection to bring you this awesome tour of the former DDR-East Germany as well as Berlin!
The tour shows you the whole of East Germany, all the way from the Bavarian border to the Baltic Sea, an amazingly array of contrasts from historic microbreweries to some of the most modern German breweries.

Brewing beer has a long history in the Eastern part of Germany: Weissbier and Schwarzbier originated in Thuringia (17th century), the German brewery boom originally started in the 13th century in Northern Germany for export to Scandinavia…

Located in the middle of the former DDR, Berlin is the perfect central point to explore traditional and modern German breweries and brewpubs in East Germany.

The variety of local beer specialities is as diversified as the landscapes, cities, town and villages you will cross.

Have a look at the itinerary, again, if you like it drop us a line and get yourself a reserved place – Go East.
Dates will out soon.
Andy (Bier-Mania!)
Ute (The German American Connection)