Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Oktoberfest 2009 Dates

We now have tour dates for our Bier-Mania! Oktoberfest 2009 tours. We have a total of 5 tours and all tours from next year will be using *** star centrally located hotels in Munich.
Please note that we have Option A and Option B.
So why do a Bier-Mania! Oktoberfest Tour?
  • All the planning and bookings have already been made for you.
  • You get to join other people, after all it is a sociable event!
  • You get to see Munich and not just the Oktoberfest.
  • We get reserved places at the Fest!
  • When you book a tour you know it will be Andy driving, leading and guiding as well (!).
  • We not only visit the Alps (option A), we also stay the night there!
  • They're good fun!!
  • We run responsible tours, we are there for a Cultural Tour!
Option A
This is a fully supported 4-day tour with a maximum of 8 people and includes a scenic drive to Neuschwanstein and across the Austrian Alps. We stay the first night in the Bavarian Alps in the gorgeous village of Oberammergau, which incidentally also has an excellent brew-pub! We stay in Gasthaus Zum Stern. Great place! The 2nd night we are in Munich and a chance to look around and have some lunch in Hofbräuhaus. Day 3 is Oktoberfest Day when we have (TBC) our reserved seats at te Hacker Festzelt.
Tours start and end at Hotel Concorde just 400 metres from the Hofbräuhaus!
Option B
This is basically the same as the above however on day 1 you stay in Munich. Day 2 you join us in the Hofbräuhaus and day 3 in the Oktoberfest. Bier-Mania! will also have an extra guide on day 2 and 3 to show you around Munich.

  • Tour 1 MB-090918 (18-21 September)
  • Tour 2 MB-090922 (22-25 September)
  • Tour 3 MB-080926 (25-28 September)
  • Tour 4 MB-090929 (29-02 October)
  • Tour 5 MB-091002 (02-05 October)

We have increased the price of tours to €795.00 as we now use *** star hotels.
Tour Itinerary
the itinerary can be downloaded. Oktoberfest 2009 Itinerary.