Sunday, 5 April 2009

Great European Beer Tour/Oktoberfest 2009

Proposed Itinerary
The Proposed Itinerary for THE Great European Beer Tour/Oktoberfest 2009 is now out.

This really is the tour of all tours! 3 countries in 11 days, we even take in Munich’s famous Oktoberfest at the end with our reserved tent reservation at Hacker-Pschorr.
We take you from the oldest known remains of a brewery in Europe in Kulmbach (no longer functionaing!), through the amazing ‘Zoigl Land' (Zoigl at Wolframstuberln) and into the Czech Republic and the home of Pilsner beer.
The it is Budweis, Salzburg, the Alps and ending in Munich's Oktoberfest!
Read on, a truly awesome tour!

The itinerary can be seen by clicking the link-Proposed Itinerary.

Tour Map
Click on PM-090911-Tour Map.


It is planned to run this tour all year, rain, sun or snow! Please email for further details and give dates you would be interested in. Be good to see you on a tour.