Friday, 30 October 2009

Franconia Beer Run!

After an awesome time in southern Bavaria and the Austrian Tyrol, it was time to get back up to Franconia and return empty barrels from our August festival in Zwevegem/Belgium.
Barrels had been stored in Herr Scheubel's Sternbräu brewery in Schlüsselfeld and after loading up it was back to the windy country roads of Franconia or Franken in German!

First stop was Buttenheim and St Georgen brewery, then Hebendanz in Forchheim. Then it was onto Hofmann (Höhenschwarz), Kanone (Schnaittach) and Maisels in Bayreuth.

Final stop was Grasser brewery/Brauerei in Huppendorf, overnighting in their guesthouse and a few beers and some excellent food! Next morning after an early look around their brewery and it was onto Bamberg and Klosterbräu to return the last of the barrels, check-in and a few wets in Spezial before a much needed break for a day!