Friday, 30 October 2009

Latest News

Hello Everyone,
You must be wondering whether I came back from all our tours over the last 6 weeks! Well, I did, eventually!
Over the next posts we will be sharing our photos and experiences with you from all our tours, hope you enjoy them! We are now using just Flickr for our online photo albums from all our tours.

Photo is from Budweis Brewery in Czech Republic! Will the real Budweiser please stand up, please stand up...
So where did we go since the beginning of September?
  • The 1st tour was an 11-day classic Great European Beer Tour & Oktoberfest 2009. We visited Germany, Czech Republic and Austria and ended the tour in Munich and the first weekend of the Oktoberfest.
  • 2nd tour was a 4-day Oktoberfest 2009 & Alps Special tour.
  • The 3rd tour was a 2-day Oktoberfest 2009 tour for 17 people from a UK company.
  • Our 4th and final tour in Munich was another 4-day Oktoberfest 2009 & Alps Special.
  • Our final Bavaria tour and our 5th tour was in Bamberg for the Thirsty Swagman's Euro Hard 'n' Fast tour.
  • Finally we have just completed our 6th tour in 6 weeks-another 10-day Great Belgium Beer Tour to Belgium and Northern France.
  • Next.....a Belgium Beer Night in Germany tomorrow night!
So keep on reading over the next few days!
Cheers for now,