Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Ardennes Special AS-080215

Well, what a great weekend! Some people managed to get well and truly 'Chouffed' Saturday night at La Petite Fontaine in Achouffe, dangerous place, band was seriously kicking!
Quote of the weekend, 'what's there to do in the Ardennes?'. Not much really I suppose, just a few breweries, a couple of monasteries and a kicking band in Achouffe!

Tour Photos. (Please note that copyright applies).

Friday-day 1
The weekend started in Bruxelles airport, then it was off to Drie Fonteinen for an excellent 'look around', thanks Guido, followed by the usual excellent meal paired with beer, including mussels cooked in Geuze, delicious!
Chance for a break and next stop was Chimay Trappiste Abbey, great visit followed by a beer, including the lower alcohol 4.8% 'monk's beer', otherwise known as Chimay Doree. Great place.
After hopping across the border and into Alsace and a stop in paradise, in the form of a beer warehouse Vannet, we were round Sedan and back into Belgium.
Great night in Bouillon, even if pubs do close at strange hours! What a castle though, Godefroid was a lucky guy!

Saturday-day 2
Today started with a cold visit around the amazingly peaceful Abbey/Monastery at Orval followed by some Orval 6.2 and 3.5 (the 'monk's beer) and some food. Even after some 7 visits we never tire of probably the most stunning of Belgium's Trappiste monasteries.
we then headed north and up to Houffalize, quick photo by the German tank then it was Achouffe and a brewery tour followed by some beers and carnival music! Yep, there is even a Chouffe song!

After settling into the gorgeous La Vieille Forge hotel (a converted forgery/blacksmiths) we had a Belgium Beer Night, a selection of around 25 Belgium beers with food cooked in beer. I wouldn't want to be a rabbit in the Ardennes!
Later it was down to La Petite Fontaine for some great live music from the resident band, even Tine was singing that night!
Sunday-day 3
Breakfast and sadly the end of the tour.
See you all next time.