Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Beers of Düsseldorf & Lower Rhine/Maastricht Beer Festival

Next weeks Maastricht Beer Festival kicks off at 1900/7pm on Friday 07 March and ends at 0030 (1230am) on Saturday 08 March 2008.

The Beers of Düsseldorf and Lower Rhine
All 10 litre barrels
  1. Füchschen Alt
  2. Schumacher Alt
  3. Bolten Ur-Alt (unfiltered Alt)
  4. Bolten Landbier (unfiltered Kölsch)
  5. Bolten Lecker Bierchen (Pils)
  6. Gleumes Hell (Kölsch)
  7. Gleumes Lager (Alt)
  8. Gleumes Hefe Weizen
  9. Schmitz-Mönk Alt
  10. Schmitz-Mönk Hefe Weizen
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Opening times
Friday 1900-0030 (7pm-1230am)
Saturday 1400-0030 (2pm-1230am)
Festival tasting glass 15cl €5.00 (includes entrance fee)
Beer token €1.80
Food Various
Where Approximately:
Just north of Maastricht centre on the west bank of the Maas/Meuse river.
Address of Festival:
Boschstraat 30a, Maastricht.
See Map.

See you all there. For a beer or 2!
Cheers for now!