Saturday, 10 May 2008

Bier-Mania! Tour Maps

Just to let you know that we are constantly updating our tours maps for Europe and USA (Colorado), used in conjunction with Ron Pattinson's European Beer Guide these are a 'one-stop-shop' for online information about where to go in search of beer in the Beer Zones we cover.
For UK and especially London, see Stonch's Beer Blog for up to date information on the UK beer scene.

Have a look at the General Europe Map for the Beer Zones we are currently doing tours in.

All individual Tours Maps can be seen as follows, tour codes are in brackets.
Please note that Trade Mark applies.

A word of warning before you get your map, GPS and hire car and set off along Europe's backwaters- DRINK DRIVING-DON'T.
Leave the driving to firms such as Bier-Mania! We know where we are going (usually!), have the tour experience and have built a network of locations throughout the zones.
So, as usual, pour yourself a beer and go wandering online around Europe, soon most locations will have photos as well!
  1. »Düsseldorf Classic«TM (NC)
    • Niederrehein (Lower Rhine) Region.
    • Germany, Netherlands.
    • Altbier, Kölsch, Dutch special beer.
    • Test tube glasses.
  2. »Ardennes Special«TM (AS)
    • Ardennes region.
    • Belgium.
    • Belgian special beers, Trappiste beers.
    • battle of the Bulge
    • Gnomes.
  3. »Combination Tours & Events«TM (PM)
    • Mixed tours, combined or ad-hoc.
    • Events, beer festivals, medieval nights (?!).
    • German or Belgium Beer Nights.
  4. »Franconia & Bamberg Special«TM (SB)
    • Danube, UNESCO Regensburg.
    • Fränkische Schweiz, Bayreuth, Bamberg.
    • Germany.
    • Germany's and the world recors for breweries per capita.
    • World record for consumption per capita!
    • Smoked beers, Kellerbiers.....
    • Old ladies drinking pints!
  5. »Oktoberfest/Bayern Special«TM (MB)
    • Munich, Salzburg, Regensburg.
    • Bavarian Alps, Austrian Alps.
    • Germany, Austria.
    • King Lüdwig's castles.
    • Very large beers....Märzenbier.
    • Oktoberfest, largest Volksfest (peoples' fest) in the world.
    • Dirnd'ls. Lovely.
    • Singing.
  6. »Bruges & Flanders Special«TM (BF)
    • Bruges, West Flanders, French Flanders.
    • Belgium, France.
    • Oude Bruin beer, Biere de Garde, Trappiste.
    • WW1.
    • Hops.
  7. »Bohemia Czech Special«TM (BC)
    • Sumava region, Ceske Krumlov, Budweis, Prague UNESCO, Pilsen.
    • Czech Republic.
    • Bavararian Forest & Zoigl Country, Germany.
    • Pilsner beer, amber beers, dark beers, unfiltered beers...Zoigl.
    • Stroppy bus drivers!
    • Un-intelligable German....
  8. »Great Belgium Beer Tour«TM (GBBT)
    • All 9 Belgian Provinces.
    • See all 6 Belgian Trappiste monasteries.
    • Drink every type of Belgian beer the very place the beer comes from!
    • Gourmet food, beer dinners.
    • A damn good time!
  9. »Bière de Garde Special«TM BG
    • Lorraine, Pay de Meuse region of north France.
    • Champagne region, soon...
    • Biere de Garde.
    • WW1 Verdun battle sites.
  10. »Colorado Mountains Wild West Special«TM (WWBT)
    • Denver and Rocky Mountains.
    • USA.
    • Breweries, brewpubs.
    • Buffalo Bill.
Also, a word of warning to people who wish to copy our tours in a 'professional capacity', please DON'T!