Friday, 2 May 2008

London's German Bier Fest 15-17 May 2008

London's German Bier Fest
This prestigious event has been organised by Bier-Mania! Cultural Beer Tours and Zeitgeist (@ Jolly Gardeners) German pub in Lambeth in association with Stonch from Stonch's Beer Blog.
The Beers
We have around 250 litres of draught beer from 13 different breweries and 15 different beers. These are all beers which have a shelf life of around 3 to 4 weeks and as such never make it to the shores of the UK.
Beer List page 1
Beer List page 2

Most beer is in 10l barrels (Stichfass), although in order to give a larger beer selection we will also have some beer via Zapfanlage (CO2) such as the Rauchbier and Bolten Ur Alt and Landbier.
We will have 'around' 6 different beers on at one time, turn-around of beer will depend on how fast beer gets consumed!
The beers are from 2 of Germany's premier Beer Zones, namely Franconia Beer Zone (Bavaria) and the Düsseldorf/Niederrhein Beer Zone (Nord-Rhein Westfalen) although 2 of the beers are from the Oberpfalz (Bavaria) region on the border with the Czech Republic.
  • Thursday 15 May
    • 1500-1230/closing time (3pm-12.30am)
  • Friday 16 May
    • 1200-0130/closing time (midday-01.30am)
  • Saturday 17 May
    • 1200-0130/closing time (midday-01.30am)
The Jolly Gardeners, 49-51 Black Prince Road, Lambeth, SE11 6AB
See map.
  • £3.50 per 0.5 litre beer.

  • Tokens to be purchased at the main bar.

If the weather is good then a BBQ should be on.

See you all there.