Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Oktoberfest 2007-Tour 2 (MB-070925)

This tour again had a 'pre-tour' when we had the night in Forchheim before the tour getting over to the Kellerwald again and of course seeing me mate Andy's beer-garden/pub, the fabled Rappenkeller look around the cellars and a couple wets then it was off back to the Schweizergrom hotel for a few more beers before beddie time!

Welcome to Bavaria!

Day 1. So, Tuesday 25 September, the second Bier-Mania! Oktoberfest tour. Pick up the Aussies in Nürnberg airport then it was onto Regensburg, some lunch then Schneider Weisse brewery to see how Weizen beer is made the real way! Then it was Burg Randeck for some great views and our cosy brewery guest house, Josef Schneider.

Click this link for photos from the tour.

Day 2. Wednesday 26 September, 1400 hours (2pm), Hacker Festzelt, Mass Kruges and Hend'l, yum yum.

Day 3. Walkabout. Augustiner, some great beer, Hofbräuhaus, some great music. 'Afternoon-cap' at Schneider, some serious beer!

Ein Prosit.