Monday, 22 October 2007

Oktoberfest 2008 (Sep/October 2008)


After our hugely successful Oktoberfest 2007, you've guessed it we are gonna go back for more and 'do' the Big O again next year in 2008!

Even if you don't like beer or big crowds, München's annual Oktoberfest is a truly unforgetable experience, there is plenty to see and do!

The Oktoberfest grounds not only has beer tents but around a 3rd of the grounds are occupied by funfairs and rides as well as food stalls selling pig rolls, chickens etc.

And contrary to a lot of what you may have heard, it is not just a 'tourists' festival'. It is a big event for Germans as well with everyone dressing up (Bier-Mania! included!) in their best Dirnd'ls and Lederhosen for the event. Children also go to the Oktoberfest, it is for everyone.

Have a look at the dates, if it's not for you then no probs, if you just want to stay for 3 days in Munich in a drunken haze then there are plenty of London based companies that do those style tours, we don't though (although we do drink a fair few 'wets'!).

The Dates
So, dates for 2008-
  • Tour 1 Friday 19-Monday 22 September
  • Tour 2 Tuesday 23-Friday 26 September
  • Tour 3 Friday 26-Monday 29 September
  • Tour 4 Tuesday 30 September-Friday 03 October
  • Tour 5 Friday 03-Monday 06 October
Bookings are now being taken, first come first serve!