Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Oktoberfest 2007-Tour 5 (MB-071005)

Tour 5. The Danes.
The last Oktoberfest tour this year. I am sad.
Star date Friday 05 October 2007.
Just dropped off the last tour at a definitely horrible time in the morning at Nürnberg airport. Bye bye.
Oh dear, no clients. Ha, that's cause they're already in München-travelled from Denmark by overnight train, smart move with guaranteed sleep, or so they thought until someone decided to jump in front of a train somewhere near Cologne!

We don't load up (remember, everyone's in München) then it was back to the 'cannonball run' from Nürnberg to München, a 2-hour drive, this time the skies were blue and the birds were singing. And the beer-bus went a lot lot faster empty. Allianz Arena goes past in a blur.

Click this link for photos from the tour.

Today, Friday 05 October, 1200 hours (midday), Hofbräu Festzelt, Mass Kruges and Hend'l, yum yum. we are well early, gonna be a long day.

Day 2. München, great walk and a great lunchtime sesh at the Hofbräuhaus. Great day.

Day 3. Regensburg, Weltenburg Kloster, Burg Randeck, Schneider Privatbrauereigasthof. Great day.

Day 4. The last day of this year's Oktoberfest for Bier-Mania!. Drop-off Regensburg train station.

I need a break so I drive 320km across the Bayerische Wald in Germany and the Sumava in Czech, arrive in Ceske Budevice, drink some more beers, try my Czech out and hit the sack, very very hard!

Ein Prosit. Or of course Dobre Den if you're the other side of the border.